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Pharmacy Mall, a Website Based in Canada with Great Reviews

Who We Are

The team behind Pharmacy Mall is happy to have you here. Pharmacy Mall has been the number one pharmacy since the year 1997. We have been offering medications to people like you from all over the world for the past two decades. Pharmacy Mall has everything you need. This is why most of our customers refer to us as a one-stop online pharmacy. You are destined to find what you are looking for here irrespective of the health complication you are looking to treat.

For the past 2 decades, Pharmacy Mall has been the first option for millions of people worldwide who have been looking for high-quality medications at a price they can afford. What has kept millions of customers coming back is our generous discounts, bonus pills with every order, free shipping, our high-quality customer support services, and obviously, our wide selection of high-quality prescription, over the counter, and even herbal medications. Don’t worry, if you have never used Pharmacy Mall before, we are about to show you who we are and what we can benefit you with. We do hope you are ready to discover more about us.  

Pharmacy Mall: Why We Exist Today

You will agree with us when we tell you that every idea begins with a problem. Back in 1997, our founders were bothered by the fact that even though medications were available in most local pharmacies, people were being forced to outdo themselves to pay for the meds. Families suffered a lot especially if they had a family member who needed constant access to prescription meds in order to live his or her life comfortably. This had our founders asking themselves, “What can we do about this?” This is where the idea for starting Pharmacy Mall cropped up from. The internet gave our founders the power to create an online store that could serve people worldwide, save them money and offer them access to quality healthcare products.

Around the globe, everyone is looking for the same things when they are purchasing their medications. Every medication shopper will be looking for low cost, reliable quality, and a wide range of medications to choose from. The problem is that these needs are not met by the majority of the locally available pharmacies.

Pharmacies may have the products shoppers need. However, will these meds be of any use if the buyer cannot afford them? Will the products make the shopper feel safe if their quality is questionable? The answer to all these questions is a solid no. At Pharmacy Mall, we exist to make all the customers’ expectations while shopping for their medications real. We make sure that reliable products are available at the price customers can afford with exactly zero struggles.

Why You Would Want to Make Pharmacy Mall Your Exclusive Online Drugstore

The internet does have a large number of websites claiming to offer cheap medications. Pharmacies which will assure you that you do not need a prescription script to get your meds. Being forced to get a prescription script is annoying especially when you already know how to use a drug, right? Pharmacies online will use this fact and the fact that you are looking to save money to make you want to source your medications from the drugstore. But, ask yourself, are all pharmacies available on the web safe? The answer here is pretty straightforward. It is a solid NO.

The recent statistics show that less than 5% of the pharmacies you find online are genuine. Over 95% of the web pharmacies are planning on getting your money and then ignoring you. Others will do even something more unethical. They will deliver fake medications. The only thing fake meds will do is mess up your health even more.

It takes a lot of experience to have the ability to distinguish between a fake pharmacy and a pharmacy you can trust. Even people who shop online for their meds can be tricked into ordering from doubtful pharmacies. Fake pharmacies will look real to your eyes while they are actually carnivores hidden in sheep’s skin.

At Pharmacy Mall, we live up to all the expectations you would have for an online pharmacy. We are reliable, affordable, and always available to answer our customer’s questions when they need help. Of course, we are a pharmacy. That means that we do not manufacture the products that we sell to you. However, after offering medications to more than 1,000,000 customers in the past 2 decades, you will agree with us when we tell you we have gained enough experience to be able to select high-quality manufacturers.

You are probably asking yourself, “what exactly do you have to offer?” Below, we sum up the benefits our customers have been enjoying since the year 1997:

  • Our prices are much lower when compared to other internet pharmacies and even the pharmacy in your locality.
  • We only source our medications from high-quality manufacturers. This means that you can always trust the quality of meds and other healthcare products you get from us.
  • We offer free shipping to make sure our customers have a smooth shopping experience.
  • Every order you place at Pharmacy Mall is accompanied by free bonus pills. These are just to show our appreciation to you.
  • We offer the safest payment options. We only require you to use your credit card to pay for the meds you have ordered. After paying using your credit card, you will always feel safe. You can dispute the charges we made to your card if we fail to deliver the meds you had ordered.
  • We offer refunds if we lose your package. We offer free re-shipments if we delivered the wrong package or a damaged product. We will also re-ship lost packages. Technically, you are allowed to choose whether you want a refund or a free re-shipment when we lose your package or deliver the wrong product by mistake.
  • We always keep our customer’s data safe. No third-party people can access the information you provide.
  • We do not waste your time by requiring you to create an account before ordering.
  • We do not require you to send us a prescription script for the medications you are ordering. However, we always advise our customers to talk to their doctor before they start taking any new medication.

Probably this list looks impressive to you. However, it is still incomplete. When shopping at Pharmacy Mall, you are guaranteed to find more and even better benefits. Keep reading to locate some of these below.

Who Is Behind Pharmacy Mall?

The Pharmacy Mall team is only made of professionals. People who have enough knowledge in their respective areas. Our members of staff are united by simple core factors which make sure that they offer you, our customer, the best services that you deserve. These factors include a passion for making sure everyone has access to quality healthcare products, excellent education backgrounds, and exquisite work ethics.

Everyone in our team including customer support team, IT specialists, the logistics department, and call center team shares the same philosophy with the pharmacy management team. The philosophy is ensuring that everyone irrespective of his country, religion, race, gender, and age has access to quality healthcare without the need to spend a fortune. Having a great team has made it possible for us to always achieve our goals and keep growing exponentially.

Trying to Access Genuine and Cheaper Medications? Check Out Our Generics!

Brand medications are always more expensive than generic medications. Generic medications are what can be referred to as “successor drugs” to the brand or original medications. They have the same active components in the same amount, form, and dosage as brand medication. Generic medications will only differ from the brand medications in terms of the manufacturer and their appearance. Also, they will have a different name from the original medication.

The reason why brand medications are usually more expensive than generic medication is that the company behind the brand meds spend a lot of time and money researching the drug, carrying out tests, refining the drug and re-testing before the medication can be considered fit for human consumption. Companies which manufacture generics don’t have to incur any medication development fees. This is what makes the generic medications cheaper. Apart from some very few exceptions, switching from a brand medication to a generic medication is always easy to do.

When a medication is introduced into the market for the first time, it is usually patented. This means that no any other company is allowed to copy the medication without getting the consent from the original medication manufacturer first. To give you an example, let’s look at Viagra. Viagra was first patented in 1996 before it was approved by the FDA as a treatment for erectile dysfunction back in 27th March 1998. Pfizer, the original brand Viagra manufacturer lost the patent for the medication in 2013 in the United Kingdom. However, the company is still holding the patent for the medication in the US until the year 2020. The fact that Pfizer lost the patent for the drug in the UK in 2013 meant that copies of the medication could be manufactured in the UK.

At Pharmacy Mall, we already know that generic medications will function the same way as the brand medications. We also know that they are cheaper. This is why we make it our purpose to find the best generic drugs manufacturers. We provide generic medications for as many drugs available in our catalog as possible. For example, the generic versions of Viagra in our catalog include Kamagra from Ajanta pharma in India, Silagra from Cipla also in India, Nizagara, and others.

About Free Pills, Discounts, and Free Shipping

Our major concern is making sure that our customers are saving as much money as possible. We, therefore, include special offers to make this happen. Our offers begin on the price list. We reduce the price for each pill as you increase the number of pills you are purchasing. This makes your payment load lighter when you are buying your medications in bulk. Our customers usually prefer buying as many pills as they can afford at once in order to benefit from the bulk buying discounts.

We add free pills to every order buyers place. These are usually erectile dysfunction pills. At check out, you get to choose whether you want us to include generic Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra as your bonus. The number of free pills you get to take home as a bonus will increase as your order increases. We do offer free shipping. As long as you have already paid for pills worth more than $200, you will be eligible for free shipping. Also, buying medications worth more than $200 will grant you access to our special 10% automatic discount. You won’t need to hunt for a coupon code for this.

Our Delivery: How Long Will You Have to Wait?

We give our customers a 100% guarantee that they will always receive the medications they ordered. We deliver these medications via two main methods. These are the EMS method and the Airmail method. Buyers who choose the EMS method will receive their medications within a period of about 3 to 8 business days. Buyers who choose the Airmail delivery method will get their meds in a period of about 2 to 3 business weeks.

We understand that our customers might be concerned about their order during the delivery process. This is why we always offer them constant updates about the location of their medications. We are always ready to answer any questions our buyers might have during the delivery process. Our customer support department is always ready to answer phone calls immediately you call and respond to emails within a period of 24 hours.

Mistakes do happen. We may make a mistake and happen to lose your package. For example, we could ship it to the long address. Also, we could deliver the wrong product to you. If you receive a product that does not satisfy you or you end up not receiving your package at all, all you need to do is alert us about the issue. We will be ready to either offer you a full refund or a free re-shipment. You will have the chance to choose either.

Refining Sexual Health for Males: Get Access to Cheap Erectile Dysfunction Pills

Our store offers all varieties of medications. However, there is one area of health that concerned us the most. This is the male sexual health area. We determined that more than 51% of the sexually active males deal with erectile dysfunction. After checking the price at which the erectile dysfunction pills retailed in the local pharmacies it became clear to us that most men cannot enjoy their sex lives. We found a pill of brand Viagra to have extremely high prices in the walk-in pharmacies.

We made the decision to make it possible for men to have satisfactory sex lives without having to spend a fortune on their Erectile dysfunction meds. This is why we have been offering both brand and generic erectile dysfunction medications at the lowest price possible. Our generic erectile dysfunction pills will cost the buyer over 99% cheaper than the local drugstores’ price. The brand medications will be at least 95% cheaper in our pharmacy. Our catalog has both brand and generic versions of the major ED medications. This means that you will get both the brand and generic Viagra and Cialis. Currently, we are only offering generic Levitra.

The Pharmacy Mall Privacy and Spam Policy

At Pharmacy Mall we respect our customer’s privacy. This means that none of your information is shared with third-parties. Also, we do respect our customer’s personal space. This means that only you, our customer, will decide the kinds of emails we send to your inbox. We never send any emails to your inbox unless the emails have extremely important information. For example, we may send you constant updates about your package during the delivery process.

Pharmacy Mall being the most famous online pharmacy may have numerous wannabees stealing its identity to try and fool you. If you happen to receive any suspicious emails from people who claim to work for Pharmacy Mall, avoid clicking any links in the emails and be sure to forward the emails to us. If the problem is from our side, we will fix it immediately. If this is not our problem, we will advise you accordingly.

What Our Previous Customers Are Saying

Learning about what people who have had experience doing business with us are saying will give you an easier time while you make your decision. Our customers have enjoyed our services enough such that they have taken their time to send us their five-star reviews. These customers enjoyed the high-quality medications they got, great customer support, useful updates they got during the whole delivery process, and the quick delivery. We have made it possible for our customers and potential customers to read these testimonials.

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